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    Why You Should Use Graphic Templates

    Lets try and answer the question ‘Why You Should Use Graphic Templates’  When it comes to graphics, most Internet marketers shy away from using graphic templates whether it’s eBook covers, website layouts or promotional banners because they firmly believe that by using graphic templates, they are tarnishing their own business. They want to own a unique identity and hence will always find a professional graphic designer to do the job. Well, you’re in for a big surprise!

    Graphic Templates

    When you purchase a graphic template, you will be able to customize it to an extent or even build a totally new design based on it! What’s the point of using the template then, you say? Well, it serves as a source of inspiration and ideas for a totally new design. You can’t derive anything from a blank canvas, right?

    On top of that, you are actually saving a lot of precious time that you can otherwise spend on more important matters like developing new products or market your products. When you find the template, you like and then buy the pre-made template, you only need to edit a thing or two. That will give it an identity of your own. In other words, you have customized it to you, and that gives you more time and flexibility to work on other stuff.

    webdesign on paper

    Okay, let’s say, you argue that hiring a designer to do your website design job is just as fast as using a template. That may be true but don’t forget, hiring a professional designer to do a custom design for you will cost you a lot of money, starting prices are around the $800 for a simple layout.  Unless you need a totally unique identity that you are aiming to establish firmly in your niche market, you don’t need to get a designer to design it for you.

    Not all graphic templates are suitable, so you have to be careful when choosing one. Some are not responsive, and some will look nice on mobile but then will not suit a desktop.

    Although you are able to find free ones all over the net, these look like every other website. Sometimes it is best to use a free one but sometimes it worth spending a little extra to get a decent template that could be used over and over again.

    Remember that you may also find that some are very hard to customize, as you have to spend some time going through it first. Consider quality over the price, and you’re on your way to creating a positive image for your business while saving more time for more productive chores!

    There are site like Fiver, here you can search for all types of  services, such as web templates, virtual assistant, education, SEO, voice overs to making short promotional videos .

    Fiver really does have almost every service you need for a business or hobby.

    You can also find a huge range of templates at sites such as and

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