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Where Do I Find WiFi Hotspots?

Where Do I Find WiFi Hotspots?  WiFi hotspots are nothing short of a phenomenon for wireless computing. Since it made the internet more publicly available, this technology has enabled laptops, mobiles, tablets and any mobile device to be truly mobile computers.

Have you every walked down your street and checked the WIFI connections available on you mobile?


You will be shocked at just how many WIFI connection are showing up. Right this very minute I can see 6 different WIFI SSID showing on my laptop connection options. As internet gets cheaper and Telecom companies expand their network, there will be more and more, or as I day I hope, one single large area WIFI for all of us to enjoy. While before not every country had picked up on this technology, that has now changed over the last 5 years. Also, most every major city in the world has WIFI available for general public in some form or another. Although there are still a few cities that do not have this, it is becoming the new norm.


No matter what city or areas you visit in the world you will find an internet connection. Ok, it might not be the 10mb or 100mb download you are used to, but even a slow connection is enough to check emails. There are certain places which are most likely to have a public WIFI connection, we have put together a list of some of the typical places where you can find WiFi hotspots .


  1. Coffee shops


– have gained popularity as places where people can meet and have a good cup of coffee. But today, coffee shops have now also become hubs for internet users. The good thing here is that, they offer free and unlimited internet connection to their patrons usually by just making a minimum purchase . It is a coffee shop, so grab a coffee, take a seat and enjoy the free WIFI.


  1. Hotels


– More and more hotels now offer free WIFI for their guest, although this service which is mainly geared towards business travellers, Hotel companies now know the importance of good WIFI for families and all of their guests. These can mostly be accessed in certain areas such as in the hotel rooms and lobbies. The only downside here is that they are usually free only for a certain amount of time or download amount . Any usage above these restrictions tend to cost you separately from the room rates and can be quite expensive.


  1. Airports


– Wi-Fi hotspots can now be found in major international airports. For all those last-minute face time and video calls before you jump on to the plane. The last-minute emails and check the hotel or car rental on the other side. But generally, the internet speed is so slow that it does ruin a video call, as everyone in the airport is trying to use the connection and some airport just don’t have the hardware to deal with the demand.


  1. Train Stations

– Just like the airport mentioned above the train station are now becoming WIFI enabled and not just the above ground ones. In cities like London, they have enabled WIFI hotspots in almost all their Underground stations. New York, Seoul, Tokyo and Paris are other major cities that have WIFI enabled in all or certain section of their train station network.


  1. Fast Food Restaurants

– McDonald’s and KFC are almost all providing WIFI to their customers if there is a sitting area. Burger King and many others are following in this step to allow their customer to spend time surfing the net and hopefully for them to spend a bit more while they are there.


Most mobile companies are providing you with internet and they also provide packages that allow you to have your own mobile hotspot. While in your own country this fine once you go overseas the cost of data / internet usage it huge. This is where the free public WIFI becomes number one on your to find list aboard.


While hotspots are great places to get free internet connection, people should also be aware that most of them are unsecure. Find out how secure your WIFI connection is. There are people in this world (Hackers) who sit in these places and wait for a device to start using the WIFI, which they can HACK into. The data sent from a device could be enough for the Hacker to get you personal details. Then use this information for criminal activities such as identity theft. Users can protect themselves by not visiting websites that require sensitive information when connected to unsecure networks. You should trust the network you are connection to 100% before going to site such as your online banking.

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