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Top Tips to Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error

If you have installed a non genuine version of windows 7 not genuine to your PC or the license of your Windows 7 had been expired, you might be witnessing the error- “This copy of Windows is not genuine”. I have got a solution to this problem for you. In this article, you will read about a simple tutorial to fix windows 7 not genuine error in just few minutes.  You do not require some additional software to do so, but you will require the command prompt of your operating system.

Problems associated with ‘Windows not genuine’ error

  • One of the most irritating problems with this Windows not genuine error is that it will remove the wallpaper from the desktop. The screen of your desktop goes black. If you try to change it, it will be changed, but once you turn off your PC and start again, it will show the same black screen wallpaper again.
  • Other annoying thing associated with this error is that the notification for non genuine Windows keeps appearing on screen after every 5-6 minutes. This is very irritating, if we are working.
  • This error may cause several performance issues to your PC and might also affect battery of your laptop.

How to Fix Windows 7 not genuine error?

Windows 7 Not Genuine

You need to follow the following steps to solve this problem. Do not skip any of the mentioned steps; otherwise your issue would not be solved. So let us start with a brief tutorial to fix Windows 7 not genuine error.

  • Switch on your PC/laptop and hit the start button.
  • Search for ‘cmd’ using the search tool there.
  • Now, just right click on ‘cmd’ in search result and opt to ‘Run as administrator’.
  • Type ‘SLMGR –REARM’ and press ‘enter’ button. Just remember that the words you have typed are correct, otherwise this method will not work.
  • A popup will appear now as Windows Script Host notifying that you have successfully finished that command and now you require restarting your PC/laptop.
  • Follow the command to restart you PC now.

This is all you needed to do in order to fix Windows 7 not genuine error.

If the above doesn’t work, which happen in some cases, you need to follow the instructions given below. These instructions will definitely help you out to get out of trouble.

  • Go to your Control Panel. Now move over to your Windows Update Section. You should move into ‘Uninstall a program’ tool, alternatively.
  • Now, just hit ‘View installed updates’ and wait for the list of updates to get listed.
  • Now search for the update that carries the name- ‘KB971033’. Once you have found it, just uninstall it from Windows.
  • Now, restart your PC again.

In this way the error gets fixed. Hope you have successfully fixed the error on your PC/laptop. Share this simple and easy guide with your friends and help them to get over this Windows 7 not genuine error.

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