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Tips, Tricks, Farm Heroes Saga Cheats

Although the gameplay formula is a bit similar to that of candy crush saga, Farm Heroes Saga plays very well with its match-tree format. Whether you are new to Farm Heroes Saga or just looking for ways to boost your game play skills, you may find the presentations just a bit too cutesy for your taste. Many gamers enjoy this application because of the fact that it is visually appealing with bright colors that help to attract attention to the game. Additionally, it is easy to pick up and play with a few extra minutes on your hands. While the game starts out as a simple matching game, it becomes progressively harder as you begin to move through the levels. Here are a few tips that will help you get through the game.

Start By Earning Three Stars on a Stage in Farm Heroes Saga

Earning three stars really depends on the number of vegetables you can match up within your allotment turn numbers. A smaller meter in the top left corner track your game matching progress, and with each successful turn, it comes closer to three stars that are positioned on the meter. As the meter fills, stars start to unlock, and if you are good enough you will get all the three stars. Turn to many stars; keep your eyes out for opportunities to match four or more items. By doing so, you will clear away any additional vegetables on the board. This will create more opportunities for the ones you need and increase your chances of earning more stars significantly.

Involve Booster in Farm Heroes Saga

Boosters offer a turn-based advantage on the board, enabling you to do a lot of things. Boosters unlock eventually as you continue further on the board, but the stars you earned initially are very useful. The first to appear is the extra turn piece. By unlocking this extra turn piece (which needs six gold bricks), you are able to progress with your current run for five additional turns. Remember these five turns are on top of the ones you are already provided with. The second is the tractor. This is actually a single-use power-up that wipes away the entire vegetables row. Finally, the shovel allows you to dig up and remove one piece from the board.

Getting three stars requires a large combo

Clearing the board as quickly as possible will help you to secure three stars and move forward with pride.

Collect as many extra turn pieces as possible

Paying attention to boosters would be the best way to earn addition turns. When you have six gold pieces, you would be provided with a booster that gives you an extra turn.

Pay attention to traction

This booster can help you by clearing away a whole row of vegetables. In the event that you are stuck, this can be a useful way to get you out of a jam. It is important that you save this booster until you are in a position of need, using it wisely will provide you with the best results.

Making matches near the bottom would benefit you

When a match is made lower in the field, you will increase your chances of making a combo when additional pieces come in.

Do not use your gold unless unlocking gates

If you use your gold, you will only have to turn to friends to get past the gates…

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