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    Tech News – Best bar gifts to give for 2020

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    Best bar gifts to give for 2020

    Living rooms all across the country sport bar carts these days, but how one stocks that cart makes all the difference in the quality, originality and potency of the cocktails and other alcoholic drinks that are served. You can find the perfect gift for the aspiring bartender in your life (or upgrade your own bar) without resorting to gifting them a set of beer mugs or an engraved flask; instead, why not try a personalized combination of tumblers and accessories or some distinctive bar decor? These cocktail-related unique bar gifts are perfect for every budget  under $100. 


    Spice things up with this small yet sturdy bamboo mortar and pestle set. It will eliminate the need for ground spices, pulverizing whole peppercorns and fennel seeds  to ensure fresher flavor and stronger aromatics in your drink. In the process, you’ll also get a fun workout and stress relief. There’s a reason this ancient food processor has stood the test of time.


    We love to serve a drink in these vintage-vibe, fancy but funky gold-patterned glasses. They’re the ideal tumbler for an Old Fashioned (or two) or any other cocktail. For recipients of bar gifts who might prefer a bit less flash, these crystal Old Fashioned glasses are classic and refined.

    Basil Hayden’s

    This intriguing blend of Kentucky rye whiskey, Canadian whiskey and port makes the perfect gift for anyone (except the strict whiskey purist). Everyone else will appreciate the complex oaky notes, caramel tones, dried fruit flavors and a bit of rye spice. Best of all, according to Sara Havens for The Alcohol Professor , this one offers a delicious finish that tastes like sugar cookie dough.


    Scrappy’s bitters are handcrafted in small batches from organic ingredients with no artificial flavors, dyes or chemicals. This bartender bundle includes two boxes of sample size bottles featuring both their Classic Bitters set and Exotic Bitters set. All together, there are eight flavors: chocolate, grapefruit, lavender, cardamom, celery, orange, Orleans (anise, citrus and cinnamon) and Aromatic (with vanilla notes). Perfect for the home mixologist who likes to experiment with unique ingredients.


    Freeze them, pop them into a glass and add liquor. Presto — you’ve created a multilayered cocktail for happy hour. This unique gift comes in five flavors in total, including The Cooper (with blood orange and ginger), The Cecile (with cucumber, watermelon juice, clover honey and thyme), The Clyde (with peach, lemon juice, sage, rosemary, juniper and vanilla) and The Oliver (an updated Negroni with wormwood extract). Each box contains 24 cubes of your chosen flavor. They’re also great for nonimbibers, as they can be splashed with seltzer for a ready-made mocktail .


    Everyone needs an ice bucket. This one, made of stainless steel and featuring a copper or hammered brass exterior, is an attractive show stopper — and affordable. And it comes with tongs, so no one needs to reach their fingers into the communal ice chest to pull out a bottle. (Note: The brass model is currently out of stock, but you can still get your hands on the copper version .)


    You can outfit your bestie’s entire bar cart for around $50 with this sleek black matte metallic Boston shaker set. It’s got all the essential tools: shaker, strainer, double jigger, muddler, bar spoon and tongs. It also comes in copper and silver to coordinate with any decor.


    If you can’t swing a vintage cart on 1stdibs, this silver metal and classic glass version is a steal when it comes to bar gift ideas. With two tiers and built-in bottle holders, it has plenty of storage space for bottles, glasses and bar tools of varying heights and sizes. (If you’re able to spend a little more on bar gifts, this gold bar cart with a midcentury modern vibe is also nice.)


    For a more industrial style, this rustic oak and black metal cart is simple but striking. It includes a rack that can accommodate both wine bottles and wine glasses and two shelves for holding tools and bottles.


    This miniature cutting board is perfect for slicing limes, other citrus or small garnishes. Made of bamboo, it has a juice groove to keep it from flooding over the sides, and is naturally resistant to bacteria. Plus, it’s sleek and small enough not to interfere with the overall aesthetic of the cart. 

    World Market

    Marble is timeless and screams fancy. These geometric coasters are an easy, stylish and affordable way to say bye-bye to water rings. Perfect if you’re looking for unique ideas for corporate gifts

    This story was written earlier by Dan Koday and updated by Chowhound Editors.  

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