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Should I Take My Laptop On Holiday?

Going on a vacation soon? Are you asking yourself – ‘Should I take my laptop on holiday? ‘  Well you may be very tempted to take your dependable laptop along for the trip.  After all, you bought a laptop because you could take it everywhere with you. You may be thinking that it will be nice to stay in touch with your family and friends back home. You can upload your photos to cloud storage. You can look at google map on a large screen instead of your small mobile.


However, just before you start packing your laptop, need to consider the downside of travelling with a laptop, particularly if you’re planning to go abroad.


Our 7 points you have to think about before taking your laptop on holiday.

  1. Weight

A laptop (plus accessories) starts to feel heavy very quickly.  Do you really need MORE luggage to carry around? A standard laptop will weight an extra 3 – 4 kg, this will also include the charger.


  1. Security risk

To you, it’s a laptop.  To a thief, it’s a bag of easy money. Which means that, that bag is something you have to guard every second of your vacation. No leaving it on your hotel room bed or on the tourist coach when you stop at a location.  If some one gets hold of your laptop, what about your passwords? Can they get your password? Are they secure?


Want to know more about secure your passwords – 10 Steps To Secure And Manage Your Passwords


book and laptop with reading glasaa


  1. Power supply problems

You’ll need a different power adaptor plug for each country you visit.  And depending on your laptop power supply cable, you may also need a step-up / step-down voltage transformer. You will be alright in most decent hotels as they tend to have adaptors, but you need your own.


  1. Connection complications

You’ll need to find a way of connecting to the Internet.  If your laptop is suitably equipped and you can find a local hotspot, you can take advantage of wireless Internet access. Almost every hotel will have some form of internet connect. Some will give you free access but other may charge you a daily or hourly fee.

Otherwise you’re be stuck with mobile hotspot via a dongle or your mobile. Which mean you will be paying international rates unless you have a deal with your mobile phone company.  International internet / Data rate from your mobile are mind blowing. Some companies charge $3 to $4 per Mb. Imagine what a standard 480p short YouTube video (60 Mb) would cost.


  1. Telephone socket trouble

Different countries have different types of telephone socket. If you’re planning on connecting via dial-up access, you’ll have to bring a suitable telephone adaptor plug.

You’ll also need a digital signal tester to test for higher- voltage digital telephones lines.  Else you could end up frying your modem and possibly the motherboard too.  It all depends on the country you are going to and where you are going to stay. Europe, North America and most of the more developed countries will have Wi-Fi or a ethernet connection, but other places may not have.


  1. Extra insurance cover

It’s highly unlikely your travel insurance policy extends to laptop computers.  You should check the terms and conditions, they will tell you if your laptop and mobile devices are covered. Otherwise you’ll need to arrange separate specialist insurance cover, which isn’t cheap. You could crack the screen, drop it, it could be stolen. There are load of things that could end up giving you a costly bill, when it comes to your laptop.


  1. Remember you’re on holiday!

Do you really want your office with you on vacation? Aren’t you supposed to be getting away from it all? Relaxing, enjoying yourself, getting away from it all, that is a holiday not sitting there on your laptop. Well, that is what it is supposed to be, but some have no choice. They have to take the laptop due to work or other business related reasons.


If you’re beginning to think that travelling with a laptop computer is a major logistical exercise, then you’re right.


However, there IS an alternative , which can be found in every city and town around the world.

An Internet Cafe.

Almost every city and large town now has several Internet cafes.  To find your nearest one when you’re abroad, just ask your hotel receptionist or a friendly taxi driver. You’ll also find Internet cafes in airports, some railway stations, major hotels, business centres, some public libraries , and even on-board cruise ships.


internet pc room


Before you leave on your travels, simply ensure you can access your email via a web browser, your smart phone. Most daily things like email, web search and banking can be done on a smart phone, which really is a mini PC or Mac (for the apple users).

To sum it up:

Unless you have a very good reason for taking your laptop on holiday, you’d be wise to leave the expensive piece equipment at home and use an Internet cafe instead or smart phone. And who knows – maybe your laptop could use a break from you!

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