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Need a Spam call blocker – then Truecaller app can help

Hate spam calls? It is the most annoying thing ever!  Need a Spam call blocker – then Truecaller app can help. Spam is everywhere, and we cannot hide ourselves from it. Worse it seems like the spam problem is gaining strength by the day. We find it in our inbox, mailbox, and now it’s on your mobile too. It could come to your mobile by text message or by actual calls. Need a call blocker app for iOS or maybe you need a call blocker app for Android.

How to block spam calls, or at least minimize them. Before we get to that, we should understand what the common types of spams calls are .


Let’s start with telemarketing calls . These are from real companies trying to sell you their product or service. This could be anything from a free pair of glasses when you sign up for a subscription, to your house insurance. Or the one I hate the most, ‘Hi, I have information that you have been in a car accident and have un-claimed money’. I think I would have known if I was in a car accident, at one point I get theses call about 4 times a week.

One very quiet afternoon, I actually talked to one spam caller about random things until they got tried and bored. Result they put the phone down on me, payback felt good, waste my time and I’ll waste yours.





Next there are the robocalls, which are automated phone calls with pre-recorded sales messages.  They are getting better as these one now, the bot will wait until a response is heard when the call is connected before it plays it automatic message. They are also frequently used for political campaigns, charitable causes, and more.



Finally, there are scam calls from people trying to gain information from you and take advantage. They pretend to be FBI, CIA, or bank employees and try to get you to reveal your bank details.


A short real-life story.

I had a friend who received a call, where the person was pretending to be from Microsoft. He went to say that his (my friend) was running an illegal copy of Windows on his laptop and he need to get remote access to the laptop to check it. Well my friend knew that something wasn’t right, so he played along for a while listening to the spam caller and giving fake answers backs. That was until he needed to get on with some work, so just ended up cutting him off and telling him (the spam caller) that he has recorded the call and the police are on their way. Then finished the call by adding the finial last few words ‘By the way, my laptop is a Mac’


Help to stop spam emails,  read our guide – Fighting Spam, 5 Top Tips to Help You


So, how to block spam calls, get Truecaller or an app like it. Some other options are Hiya and Mr. Number and Call Blocker.

I have tried many call blocking apps over the years and the best by far is Truecaller . Every time I hear my mobile ring once, and only once. I can be 90% sure that Truecaller has block some sort of spam call. Ok, so you have to help it learn when a call is a spam call but with the more people using the app, building a community, the better the app gets at block those annoying calls.




Truecaller describe their service as:

” We’re on a journey.

Remember the days when the phone rang and you didn’t know who it was? Maybe it was the company you always dreamt of working for, or the hospital trying to tell you someone close to you got sick, or maybe just a stubborn guy trying to sell you something.

Truecaller was born out of this uncertainty. We wanted to make it possible for you to know who’s trying to contact you, and also tell you when not to pick up. We wanted to remove all uncertainty and separate the important stuff from the noise.

Hundreds of millions of users later, we can gladly say those days of uncertainty are over.

Taken from


If you don’t have the app you can just go to their website  and click on your app store and it will take you to the app for your mobile. Truecaller works on both Android and iPhone.




You can also check out their video on YouTube


Other spam blocking ways can come from your carrier. In the US you can use services that will help you fight against unwanted calls. There are services available from the Carriers, such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

No matter what options you choose, you have to remember that they won’t completely eliminate these unwanted spam calls, but they will seriously reduce them.


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