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Law firm speeds search and saves TB with Mimecast email archive

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Milton Keynes-based law firm EMW Law has saved terabytes of storage capacity and made huge improvements to email search capabilities by deploying Mimecast email archiving in addition to its existing Microsoft Exchange/Outlook deployment.

Exchange had become cumbersome for the company, and email search functions that are vital for a law firm had become unreliable and slow.

EMW Law is based in Milton Keynes and has a London office with a total of 180 users and around 60 servers, virtual and physical.

The company had depended totally on on-premise Exchange, and that had worked fine for some time, said IT manager Lee Kilner .

“But as time went by, the biggest problem was managing user inboxes and search,” said Kilner. “People would create .pst files and attach them locally onto their local Outlook.”

That made searching across multiple mailboxes difficult, said Kilner.

“So, then we got them to put the .pst files onto network storage – but the problem then became that that scenario is not supported by Microsoft, and performance issues resulted.”

That worked for three or four years, but in that time, .pst files increased in size up to about 2GB; any bigger and it became very difficult to search and corruption became more likely.

So, EMW Law evaluated on-premise and cloud email archiving products, and eventually settled on Mimecast .

As users send and receive emails, they go via the Mimecast cloud. A copy is taken of each email and other functionality is enabled.

This includes security scanning , indexing metadata to enhance searches and placing a stub of each email on user inboxes that can be fully accessed if needed, and auto-delete.

“Mimecast also tracks emails sent all the way to the recipient’s server so we can prove an email hit it,” said Kilner. “Search is very powerful – quicker and easier than with Outlook – and with the ability to search messages, attachment and subject fields.”

The Mimecast deployment has resulted in completely removing the need to save .pst files at all, and has allowed savings of terabytes in storage capacity, said Kilner, because users would have previoisly retained far more data locally.

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