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Is Blogging Fun?

Is Blogging Fun? Well people all over the world are blogging for fun. Although blogging can be used for lots of different purposes, such as generating income, promoting a cause or providing information. Blogging does not stop there. There are many bloggers who enjoy blogging simply because it is fun and gives them something to do. There are people who do their blog as a hobby. Some bloggers enjoy blogging for reasons such as staying in touch with friends, expressing themselves or keeping a record of important events. What we are going to talk about in this article will be how blogs can be used for these purposes.


Blogging to Stay in Touch with Friends

Staying in touch with friends and family is just one of the many reasons why a person may decide to start a blog. This is particularly useful for those who move far away from their friends and family. Staying in touch by phone, regular visits and even email is not always easy. Although video chatting has seen a big uptrend in the last few years. Although it can be difficult to keep up long distance interactions with several different people at once. This is where the blogs come in, by maintaining a blog, a person can make it easy staying in touch with friends and family because they do not have to repeat information in individual over the phone or emails or make time to visit several different people.

When maintaining a blog, the individual can choose to post a variety of information and photos. Through this information and photos, the blog owner can keep others informed about current events in his life. Friends and family members can view the blog at their convenience to catch up on important events in the blog owner’s life and in most cases can post comments to the blog owner. They can also read comments from others. This is beneficial if those viewing the blog know each other because they cannot only stay in touch with the blog owner. It gives them the chance to communicate with other friends and family through the comments section of the blog.

Now you might be thinking ‘But that is like Facebook or Twitter’ and you would be kind of right. But, and it is a big BUT, when you have your own blog, you are in control of who sees it, who is a member, and all of your personal information can be hidden from search engines like Google and Bing. You, the website owner, actually starts to become competition for Facebook and twitter. You have just started your own social (be it friends and family) media site.


Blogging as a Form of Expression

Now, some bloggers begin blogging as a form of expression. They may write poetry, songs, short stories or even use the blog to vent about personal events or politics. Some of these bloggers may wish to keep their blog private or can make the blog available to the public ‘Here What I Am Saying’. Keeping the blog private is sort of like keeping a diary or a journal.

It gives the blogger a multi-media form of expressing themselves without the risk of others discovering his true feelings, innermost dreams or frustrations. Other bloggers opt to make these blogs public. This may be for a number of different reasons. Sharing these feelings with others allows the blogger to reach others who may have the same interest as the blogger. They may be giving advice to other who have gone through the same situation. Or people may be able to the blogger advice to help them solve their problem.




Bloggers who use their blog as a form of personal expression may want to be cautious and consider the decision to make a blog public. This is important because the blog owner may initially not see problems with allowing others to view his personal thoughts. However, over time he may realize his blog could either be offensive to others. Or maybe it could result in problems if friends or family view the blog.
These types of blogs have topics that are generally very close to the bloggers heart.


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Blogging to Keep a Record of Events

Another common reason for blogging is to keep a record of important events. Examples of some types of events which a blogger may wish to document include a pregnancy, weddings, vacations, sporting events or completion of school events. Using blogs to keep a record of these events gives the blogger an opportunity to record daily events in one simple location. Where they can easily look back on the blog or share the postings with others who might be interested in the events.

These types of blogs are very common in schools. These school blogs are where some the sports teams will have a page that highlight their wins and latest scores. The drama department may have a page to show their up and coming plays. If there is a school newspaper, most of these are now turning, or already have, towards the website or intranet sites to get their stories to the rest of the school.

There are other cases as well, the blog can serve as a form of scrapbook that document the events as they occur. The blog owner can post as often as he desires and may choose to include elements such as photos, music, audio files and video files into the blog. The blog can also be designed to suit the events being documented. For example, a journal depicting a vacation may have backgrounds, fonts and colours representing the vacation location. While a pregnancy blog may feature elements which represent pregnancy, babies and being parents.

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