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How To Find Your Laptop Drivers or PC Drivers Easily!

How To Find Your Laptop Drivers or PC Drivers Easily!

So, ‘How To Find Your Laptop Drivers or PC Drivers Easily!’ Are you having problems find the right laptop driver or PC driver. Well, many people, especially beginners, struggle in finding drivers for their laptops. Most of the time when you buy a brand-new laptop you will have all of the main drivers that the laptop needs. But when you reset the OS or change the hard drive you may need to reinstall the drivers. Or another reason would be that there is a problem and re-installing the driver will fix the issue you are having.

In this article, I will demonstrate two ways to help you find your laptop drivers quickly, and easily. This will also work for PCs.




The first method we will consider is to visit a company’s website and attempt to find a ‘Drivers’ or ‘downloads’ link. This can normally be found in the support section, if not in the main home page. If a similar link is not immediately clear, look for a search box. Most laptop companies have a search box somewhere on the homepage of their website. Type the model number of your laptop into the search box and click search.


The model number can most of the time be found on the bottom of the laptop. For a PC it will on the sides of the case. There is a sticker which say some key information about your laptop model, such as:

  • Model Number,
  • Service Tag,
  • Serial Number,
  • Manufacturer,
  • Country it was built in,

And more ….

You may not see all of the above but the main details you need will be there.


Typically, you will be sent to an overview of the model you have entered. Look for ‘Downloads’ or ‘Drivers’ links. Hopefully, if this link is available, you can follow it to find the necessary drivers for your laptop. Then it is just the case to download them and install it. Also make sure you select the correct version for your OS, if there is more than one version. Such as, x64 for a 64-bit OS or x86 for a 32-bit OS.


For example, say you have a Dell Latitude 5580 laptop, for which you want to update the drivers. The first step is to visit Dell’s support page on their website.

Here you would enter the service tag.

Otherwise, from the Home page, click on the ‘Support’ in the top menu, then click on ‘Drivers and Downloads’ section.  


After clicking on the ‘Drivers and Downloads’ link, we choose the required model. In our example, the laptop is a Latitude. If you cannot find the service tag, then select ‘Choose from all products’


Then you would select ‘laptops’, in the next list choose ‘Latitude’. This will display all of the models that Dell supports drivers for.

Then we find and select the model number (Latitude 5580), followed by selecting your operating system. The Dell website will show a list of available drivers and software updates for your model. Select the driver you wish and click ‘Download’.


What if you do not know the website of your laptop’s manufacturer? Or, perhaps when visiting the website, you couldn’t find the ‘Downloads and Drivers’ section? A second method for locating laptop drivers would be to visit Google (, and entering, “Download (manufacturer) (model name and number) driver” or ” driver for (manufacturer) (model name or number)” into the query box, substituting your own manufacturer, model name and number.  


For example, if we wished to find the sound card for a Dell Latitude 5580 laptop, we could go to Google. We would enter either of the following queries:  

-“Download Dell Latitude 5580 sound card Drivers”

-“sound card driver for Dell Latitude 5580”  


The driver download page for your laptop should appear near the top of the results returned by Google. You should also make sure that the link takes you to the manufacturer website and not a third pay site. Follow the link to the driver page and continue to download the drivers that you need. These two methods should make it easy to locate the drivers you need for your laptop. Good Luck!


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