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How to Clear Your Browser Cache

How to clear your browser cache for the most used web browsers!  Step by step instructions to help you along the way, plus a couple of videos help. When you use a web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome they view the web pages and then automatically save the files from the website on your computer. These are known as browser cache or temporary internet files . Just imagine how many of these files are on your computer right now. When was the last time you cleared your cache?

Each browser users a different space on your computer to save its ‘cache’, and each browser has its own way of clearing this cache. So, if you use 2 different browsers on your computer then you will need to clear both. If these aren’t cleaned out regularly they can consume a large amount of space on your computer! We are not talking about a few Mb. If it has been a long time or you have never done it then you could have Gb worth sitting on your hard drive.

Below we will show you a step by step method for cleaning your browsers cache. We will go through the procedure for Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome and Firefox. These are the most well-known browser and most used in the world. Ok, let’s start.

Internet Explorer browser cache

The first step in clearing the cache/temporary internet files for Internet Explorer is to open a browser window and then select ‘Tools’. Depending on which version of IE you have the location will be slightly different. In IE11 the tools can be found in the top right-hand corner, the Cog icon. From the menu, near the bottom, you will find ‘Internet Options ’ select the ‘Internet Options’.

Once this window loads up, we are looking for the ‘Delete’ button. This is under the ‘General Tab ’, under ‘Browsing history’ section.




Click the delete button then tick the boxes that you want. You can leave it to the already selected if you get a bit lost by what they do. Next you will need to click on the ‘Delete’ button. This can take a while to process if there is a lot of files to delete. Once done, click ‘Ok ’ and close the control panel window. At the bottom of the browser windows IE will show you a little notification that it has cleared you browsing data.  Now you IE has had it browser cache cleaned.

We created a video on, our YouTube Channel, for deleting the browser data for IE11 to help you.

Opera browser cache

To clean the browser cache in Opera, open the browser then select ‘Tools’ from the top menu, and go down to ‘Preferences’. On the left-hand side of the preferences screen, click the label ‘History and Cache’. On the right side of the window you will have a button that says, ‘Empty now’, select this button. If you have a lot of files in the cache this can take a while to process. Once done, click ‘Ok ’ then close the browser window.

Firefox browser cache

Cleaning Firefox’s cache is like the other browsers. First, open a Firefox browser window, and click ‘Tools’ from the top menu. Then go down to ‘Options’. When the window has opened click on the Privacy icon (on the left). On the right-hand screen, you will have a button down the bottom that says ‘Clear’, which is to the right of the word ‘Cache’. Click this button to clear the Firefox cache. Once done, click ‘Ok ‘ and close the browser window.


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Chrome browser cache

The first step in clearing the cache/temporary internet files for Google Chrome, is like the others. First open a browser window and then select the main menu. For chrome this is the three vertical dots in the top right hand corner. Next hover over the ‘more tools ’ option, which is near the bottom.


Now select the ‘Clear browser data’ option. This will open a new tab. On this tab you will just need to click on ‘Clear Data

We have also made a video for these steps on our YouTube channel .

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