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Gaming news – What’s Happened With Pokemon Go’s Community Day

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What’s Happened With Pokemon Go’s Community Day

Niantic Labs is still updating and adding new content to Pokemon Go , and as part of this year’s summer festival of community events that the developers have planned for the mobile game, yesterday was a special Community Day.

As mentioned by Gamespot , the Community Day happens once a month, this time it fell on Saturday and it features an opportunity to get your hands on a special Charizard with a very rare Fire attack.

The Community Day event spans the globe, so no matter where you are in the world you’re able to participate, including North America, Asia, and Europe. There’s triple the amount of Stardust that trainers will receive for capturing Pokemon, as well as enhanced drop rates and activation times for Lure Modules that are activated during the Community Day.

Specifically, Lure Modules used in Pokemon GO during the event will last for up to three hours, giving you plenty of time to lure and catch a wide variety of Pokemon during that time span.

Not only were special Charmanders out in abundance thanks to the Lure Modules, but you’re also able to acquire a Shiny version if you’re lucky. If you managed to capture enough Charmanders and level them up in time to evolve them into a Charizard, you’re also eligible for unlocking the all-new Fire type ability exclusive for Community Day trainers.

Additionally, two Legendary Pokemon were also available for capture during the Community Day and will continue to be available until June 5th. The two Pokemon include Latios and Latias. So if you’re in need of buffing up your collection of Legendary Pokemon, be sure to grab them before June gets here.

This Community Day event is also the lead-in to the Pokemon GO Summer Tour, which will kick off this summer starting with another Community Day special event set to take place in Chicago, Illinois. Last year the event took place things did not go so well, and a lot of people flew in from all over the world only to find that the servers crashed and it was no longer possible to capture the Legendary Pokemon that Niantic Labs had promised people.

The summer tour for the mobile game will also contain another Safari Zone feature, where gamers will be able to travel to specific locations and acquire specific Pokemon during that time. Most Safari Zone events will take place across Europe, just like what happened last year.

Ultimately the Safari Zone events and the summer tour set to take place in Chicago will determine exactly how big and how successful this year’s events will be. The Chicago event, in particular, will likely set the tone for what gamers can expect from some of the other larger Community Day events for Pokemon GO as well.


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