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    Gaming news – Weekend Warrior – The Calm Before The Storm

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    Weekend Warrior – The Calm Before The Storm

    It’s the weekend! It’s also just any old weekend. There’s about to be a storm brewing in the next two months of conventions and game releases and some of our editors are still in Germany for Gamescom so I guess the storm has already begun for them. It’s not a perfect analogy.

    This weekend, we’re resting, getting ready for school because that’s a thing kids have to go to occasionally, and just trying to sneak some gaming time in.

    (Editors with an * did not submit a weekend plan but gave me permission to write one for them.)

    Andrew Reiner – If the weekend went the way I hoped, I would sleep through most of it. Instead, I imagine I’ll be on all sorts of adventures with my daughter, and I also have a game for review that I need to keep playing. At night, I will watch more Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D  (the Ghost Rider season).

    Kyle Hilliard  – No big specific plans this weekend. School is starting up soon for the kid, so we will try to relax before that train gets rolling, but otherwise it will be video games, assorted television shows, and cleaning the house. I am a very boring old person.

    Dan Tack  – World of Warcraft with some bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers and a garlic aioli

    Javy Gwaltney* – Ohayo, minna-san! ^_^ This weekend, me and my nakama (nakama means friends) have a keikaku (keikaku means plan) to play more Ryu Ga Gotoku (Like a Dragon when translated from Nihon (also known as Yakuza in America)). After that, we are going to the anime store at the mall to buy a Sasuke (from Naruto: Shippuden ) shirt that says “There is a place for me in hell – it’s called a throne!” so I can wear it to work next week. Have a glomp-filled weekend, my nakama!

    Ben Hanson  – This weekend I have no idea what I’m going to play. I’ll probably keep dabbling in Dead Cells and maybe continue playing Guacamelee 2. Other than that, I guess I’m going to the Minnesota State Fair so the real game will be trying to stay within 10 feet of a bathroom while scarfing down cookies and fried crap. Have a good weekend!

    Brian Shea  – This weekend, I’m going to continue the rebuilding process of my Baltimore Ravens in Madden NFL 19, and continue bashing my head against a wall in Dead Cells. I’m not sure what’s more painful: watching my favorite football team endure horrible losses or losing to the same boss character moments before I was about to take him down. When I need a break from the pain, I’ll switch to Overwatch.

    Suriel Vasquez * – I’m in Germany for Gamescom! While in Germany, I took a walking tour of the city with a group, only to later discover I had following a German family around for most of the day. They were very understanding and gave me something to drink. This weekend, I hope to fly home, but since the airline lost my luggage for days on the way here, I am implementing a new strategy to keep it on me. I have written the words “Emotional Support Suitcase” on the front and plan to demand it get its own seat. If you see me at the airport being dragged away by the airline, do me a favor and remark loudly “This guy looks like he could use an emotional support suitcase.” It’d help.

    Leo Vader  – I’m having a couple friends over to watch Bone Tomahawk because I’m too scared to watch it by myself! Beyond that I’ll probably polish off Guacamelee 2, which just gets more and more fun as I get more abilities. Then Siege on Sunday which goes without saying. HAGS!!!!

    Imran Khan  – I’m going to finish the main story of Yakuza Kiwami 2 this weekend, do a lot of my PAX prep for next week, and maybe make good on all those empty promises I keep making to stream something. Oh, and maybe try to beat more than one boss in Dead Cells, that would be cool.

    How about you, dear readers? What’re your weekend plans?


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