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Gaming news – Sea Of Thieves Is Having Server Problems At Launch

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Sea Of Thieves Is Having Server Problems At Launch

Rare and Microsoft’s release of Sea of Thieves for the Xbox One and Windows 10 on PC didn’t quite go over without a hitch. Just like during the beta days when tons of gamers piled onto the servers causing massive slowdown, the official launch day also served up some server problems for gamers as well.

As reported by Polygon, the early launch days for Sea of Thieves have not gone over without a hitch. The game’s servers are getting hammered and now players are having a tough time connecting.

Reports have surfaced that gamers having trouble getting into or launching from the lobby are running into a server error known as the “Cinnamonbeard” error. Others aren’t even able to connect to the main server, which has resulted in the “Greybeard” error popping up.

There are different errors for different levels of access, each one proving to be a nuisance to players along the way, stopping them from accessing Sea of Thieves and playing the game as they see fit.

A couple of other errors have also popped, slightly more nefarious than the kind above because players who complete missions and turn in quests are saying that the servers aren’t rewarding them with gold. In result, players are not able to acquire more resources, upgrade their cosmetics, or upgrade their boat.

Polygon notes that at least the developers are well aware of the issue and are addressing the concerns and reports about the server problems.

Following the day-one update for the March 20th release, Rare noted via the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account that the team is investigating the reports about server issues and that the engineers are working around the clock to alleviate the problems for a smooth launch.

One of the ways to address the server problems was to stop new players from joining the game. This occurred during the evening of March 20th, so plenty of gamers who just picked up a copy and were trying to get in were probably disappointed with the server downtime.

This is usually a common trait of just about every online game that launches when it’s widely popular. It happened frequently with almost every new World of Warcraft expansion, and it’s a common peeve for most players that hits them hard during the launch days of Call of Duty and Battlefield games.

Sometimes server issues hammer certain games that have free weekends on Steam when the gameplay is reliant on multiplayer servers. And, it’s oftentimes a problem with always-on games like Diablo III .

At least Rare has been quick to acknowledge the issue and attempt to get the servers as stabilized as possible, as quickly as possible.

Sea of Thieves quickly attracted large groups of players due to its sandbox style nature and open-ended gameplay. Groups of four can team up and sail the seas, working together to man the boat and take on skeleton warriors, loot for treasure and attempt to capture animals. After several years of development, and many beta tests later , the game is finally available… except it’s having some launch day server woes at the moment.


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