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Gaming news – No Man’s Sky Is Coming To Xbox One

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No Man’s Sky Is Coming To Xbox One

No Man's Sky

After spending two years on the PlayStation 4 and PC, nesting, growing, upgrading, and updating, No Man’s Sky is now ready to make its way to the Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox One S later this year with a very special update called “Next.”

Polygon is reporting that you can expect the next big No Man’s Sky update in August of this year. The update will be called “Next” and will accompany the release on the Xbox One for the very first time.

Xbox One owners will be able to pick up a copy of the game both digitally and physically from local retailers courtesy of 505 Games stepping in to help out with the publishing.

So, why exactly is this new update called “Next”? Well, according to Sean Murray from Hello Games, the update is so big that it is an important step in the ever-evolving journey of the No Man’s Sky experience.

What’s in the update exactly? We don’t know and Murray isn’t saying. Some of you might recall this is how Murray and the rest of Hello Games approached the initial promotion of No Man’s Sky leading up to its release in 2016 for PS4 and PC — lots of vagaries and mysterious hints at what the game would feature, but not a lot of details on the actual features. In fact, this came back to bite the team hard in the rear end when No Man’s Sky released and it was rather bare bones, so much so that a lot of gamers quickly gave it thumbs down on the Steam page and railed against both the game and the developers for feeling misled.

This time around there is a foundation that’s already there, so it’s not like whatever the team has in store will come out of left field. In the e-mail sent to Polygon, Murray explained that the team had been working around the clock to release the biggest update so far. He also stated that the update would be free for everyone who already owns No Man’s Sky on PC and PS4 .

Xbox One owners will receive a special treat in the form of HDR support , along with special Xbox One X enhancements for gamers who purchased Microsoft’s premium console.

According to Hello Games, Xbox One X owners will be able to experience 4K enhancements for No Man’s Sky on the console. There are also supposed to be “surprises” made available for Xbox gamers as well, whatever that means. I’m sure we’ll find out closer to release, or via the dedicated work ethic of data miners.

No Man’s Sky is a galactic sandbox exploration and adventure game. Players scavenge through various planets for supplies and gear, build bases on lonesome planets, and craft bigger spaceships in order to venture toward the center of the universe.

The only thing that would make the “Next” update for No Man’s Sky something truly special is if it introduced the long-awaited simultaneous multiplayer feature. Yes, there is a light multiplayer feature in the game, but it’s not real. If it’s the sort of multiplayer that gamers expected back in 2016, it could spell huge news for the release on Xbox One this August.



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