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    Gaming news – Destiny 2 Is Free On PlayStation 4 Ahead Of Forsaken Release

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    Destiny 2 Is Free On PlayStation 4 Ahead Of Forsaken Release

    With its major Forsaken update set to launch next week, Bungie has partnered with Sony to bolster its army of Guardians by giving away free copies of Destiny 2 . It’s actually being included as part of the PlayStation Plus lineup for September but, in a surprise twist, you can download the game right now.

    Bungie and Sony have been getting along swimmingly for the past several years, so I probably shouldn’t be too surprised that they’re teaming up for something like this. Destiny 2 is a year old and, while even more recent games have been made available through Plus in the past, they usually aren’t as “big” as Activision’s FPS behemoth. I know plenty of folks like to hate on the game right now, but there’s no denying that the community is still very, very active despite the ill will Destiny 2 has garnered due to growing pains .

    But now that the game is set to enter its second year on the market and kick off a fresh series of events beginning with the Sept. 4 Forsaken update, it looks like Bungie aims to introduce even more players to their planet-hopping shoot-a-thon. As noted in a recent PlayStation Blog update, Destiny 2 is one of the six games making up the September Plus roster, and it’s an undeniably big get for this type of service.

    According to the post, the game is actually being made available a week earlier than the rest of the Plus roster due to the fact that, this Saturday, Bungie will host a special early look at the Gambit multiplayer mode within Destiny 2. The mode will be available for play by everyone, even if you’re only just now grabbing a copy of the game thanks to Plus. When the Forsaken update goes live next week, Gambit will become a permanent part of the Destiny 2 ecosystem.

    If you’re just now grabbing Destiny 2 through Plus, that doesn’t leave you a lot of time to catch up on everything you’ve missed this past year. There are two smaller DLC’s to work through before Forsaken but, hey, you can’t argue with a free copy of the base game.

    As for the rest of the Plus games for September, they’ll launch for the service as the good lord intended, on Sept. 4. If you’re gaming on the PlayStation 4, you can also add God of War III Remastered to your digital library, with the PlayStation 3 crowd getting Another World — 20th Anniversary Edition and QUBE Director’s Cut. Over on the Vita, you can grab Sparkle 2 and Foul Play. Thanks to cross-play, all of those games can actually be played on the PS4, with Sparkle 2 also available on the PS3 and Another World also available on the Vita.

    So, what do you think of this month’s Plus offerings? If you’ve never played Destiny 2 , are you willing to give it a try now that it’s available at no cost on top of your subscription? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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