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    Download Castle Clash For PC On Windows 10, 8, 7 & MAC

    To start with if you want to get Castle Clash for PC, you need to install an emulator for your PC. There are lots of options such as BlueStacks, KOPlayer, but really any Android emulator will do. The next step, once you’ve installed the Android emulator, is that you would need to login with your Gmail email account to setup the Google Play Store. Now if you already have a Android mobile, your Google account will already have all the Android app you installed. But if you do not then you will need to create a Gmail account for the Google Play store. Once you have setup the Google Play Store, just search for the Castle Clash app and click on the “install” button, which should install Castle Clash for PC.

    It does not matter if you’re using Windows or MAC computer , you would need to download and install an Android emulator. This is your choice and once you’ve downloaded it, you will have to sign in using your Google account or Google email so you can search and install Castle Clash. It can be found in Google Play Store.

    Castle Clash is a app that was developed for Android users. Most developers would not expect you to use it on a Windows or MAC computer. So if it was not for Android emulators it would not be possible. But there are Android emulators, so you can now enjoy playing the app on your PC, be it Windows OS or MAC.

    So you enjoy playing latest and innovating games, and are hunting for newer apps that will improve your gaming venture. Well, a lot of people surf the World Wide Web on a daily basis to enjoy fresh and adventurous games. In this respect, the Castle Clash game is one of the best games to play in your spare time. There are numerous stunning features of this game. Some of the features are described below.

    The Castle Clash is a wonderful battle game of epic proportions. It allows gamers to get engage in a virtual battle and head to glorious empire. You can hire legions of powerful heroes and lead an army of mythical creatures, big and small as you like. Your empire is as strong as your creativity, and your gaming experience. No matter whether you are a novice gamer or an experienced game enthusiast, you will definitely love to play this combat game.

    You will love spending quality time in this mind-bending combat game without getting bored. The game starts with a simple combat battle, and heads to more complicated and challenging battles as you advance to the next level. You can build and develop your impenetrable fortress; create an army from a dozen wild troops, and enjoy the fast, thrilling and realistic battles.

    Gamers can also enjoy the castle clash game on their android phones and tablets. Furthermore, the game is available in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Indonesian and many more languages to come. Above all, you don’t have to pay anything to take part in this adventurous game.

    Thus, the Castle Clash game comes with many stunning features. Combat battles of all levels, free to play, suitability to gamers of all age and experience etc are amongst the excellent features of this adventurous game. If you love to lead the army of legions, take on theCastle Clash adventure and conquer your virtual empire.

    Castle Clash is a free-block matching, puzzle game created by the makers of the popular Candy Crush Saga. It is an addictive game with hundreds of levels to tackle. All a player is required to do is to match two or more blocks of similar color to move to the level and save the pets on the screen. There are amazing features that makes this game quite interesting to play. These features include sizzling rockets, exploding bombs and colorful paint pots among others. The features are meant to make the game exciting while helping a player earn more points, pass more levels and attain higher scores.

    Each level of Castle Clash has a different objective. A player may be required to clear at least 80% of the blocks or meet a minimum score. These requirements largely depend on the level a player has reached. In other levels, a player may have limited moves to successfully complete a level. Each level is challenging in its own way. The challenges simply make the game fun and exciting. If you have extra blocks left after successfully completing a level, you get to earn bonus points from them. The idea is to save as many pets as possible, successfully complete each level and earn as many points as you can.

    The makers of Castle Clash created hundreds of level, each with a variety of challenges to make the game interesting and new at every level. This game is available on all iOS devices and android devices. Facebook users can also enjoy this game. Version 1.3.2 of this game is the most recent one and it is free to play. There are however, certain extra moves that will require payment. The bottom line of this puzzle game is to have fun and save as many pets as possible.

    Download Castle Clash for PC

    To download Castle Clash for your PC you will need the BlueStacks App Player program. The application allows you to run Android apps on Mac OSX or Windows systems, install a definite number of apps, as well as sync apps from Android devices to desktop systems. Let us see how.

    Download and Install Bluestacks

    First you will need to download and install BlueStacks App Play, this is the starting point to get all of this working. BlueStacks is downloadable from the BlueStacks website. You can also get the download from any other trusted software app hosting sites, but its better to get it from the developers.

    Once you run the install, the program will be installed directly into your hard drive. You can either opt in or out for BlueStacks spotlight and notifications.

    Run the Program

    Once the installation is finished, the program will open in its home screen. Several options such as apps search, sync apps, access settings, etc. will be displayed on the home screen.

    You can now either start installing android apps or can sync your android device apps so that you can run them in your PC.

    Download and Install Castle Clash

    In order to install Castle Clash, you will need to have a Google account which will associate BlueStacks with the Google Play Store. You can register with your existing Google+ account. If you do not have one yet, you will need to create one. Apart from Google Play, BlueStacks connects with two more app stores – Amazon and 1 Mobile. All you need to do is to go to the app search section of the program and enter “Castle Clash”. You will be directed to the store that features it. Once you are there in the store (for example, in the Google Play Store), you can then navigate the features of that specific store and find the Castle Clash app. You can download Castle Clash without any difficulty and the installation will be performed automatically by BlueStacks itself.

    Optional – Sync Android Apps from Your Phone Device

    To sync your apps from your android device, you will need to go to BlueStacks’ app sync section. Next, you will need to download an app called Cloud Connect which is found in the Google’s Android Market, the Play Store. Once the app is fully downloaded, you will then need to go to the settings section within BlueStacks. Once there, you will click on Cloud Connect. This will direct you to a window asking you for your email id and your android phone number.

    Once you provide your details, Bluestacks will send you an email. This will have a pin number that you will need in the next step. When you have got the email with the pin, you will need to go back into Bluestacks where you will be asked to provide this pin number when you opt to sync your existing android device apps to your PC.

    Remember however, that this will only sync the apps themselves to your PC system. As of now. The downside of this whole process is that BlueStacks does not let you sync your app data. This generally is really useful as it will have data about game progress, login credentials, setting and lots more.

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