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    Dell Inspiron i3000-25099GLD Review

    The Dell Inspiron i3000 sports a 11″ touchscreen, and gives the user the option to either use it as a tablet or a laptop, as it is a convertible laptop. This laptop is great for people that are new to laptops and all computers in general, or someone that is looking for a device that is capable of completing basic tasks, because the Dell Inspiron i3000 is no powerhouse and will definitely not set any benchmarks. If you are an IT specialist or somebody that relies heavily on your laptop to complete major tasks, then this one is not for you.





    Intel Pentinum N3700

    Intel HD Graphics

    500GB storage

    11.6″ touchscreen

    Built in SD card reader

    Built in microphone


    The Dell Inspiron I3000 is extremely portable thanks to its 11.6″ screen, meaning that you can take it on almost all your travels.

    It can either be used as a tablet or laptop and will have no problems playing games that require a touchscreen device.

    With its built in SD card reader you can easily move files from your cellphone or camera to this laptop without any hassles.

    The price is also reasonable for a laptop at this level (entry level).

    It has a long battery life, so you won’t have to worry much about charging it every now and then, making it the excellent travel companion.



    This laptop only has 4GB RAM and an Intel Pentium N3700, meaning that you will not be able to run any high end apps or games on it without lag.

    This device has limited internal storage, so you will have to consider getting an external hard drive when purchasing this laptop.

    This laptop won’t give you a breath taking gaming experience when playing high end games and you will be able to notice this fairly quick if you are a hardcore gamer.



    Overall this device performs quite decently when running the basic functions, making it great for students or families that are looking for a simple device at a reasonable  price.

    The Dell Inspiron I3000 handles tasks such as Microsoft Word, Excel and powerpoint perfectly and surfing the web on this device is also a pleasant experience. The webcam on this device is also pretty decent and the built in microphone will ensure that you are legible during video calls.

    If you are on a budget or are just looking for a device to handle basic tasks then this is the perfect laptop for you at an affordable price.


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