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Choosing The Right Graphics Card For Gaming

Choosing the right Graphics Card for Gaming – If you have every built a PC before then you know that this is a very important and hard decision to make. If it is your first time them we are here to help you along the way. There are so many different type of graphics card to choose from in the market. Along with the huge difference in the prices of these cards, they can range from $100 to $1000. This makes the decision even harder.

How much do you spend and which one?

My aim is not to answer that question but to give you helping hand. Lets start with the question:


What is the Resolution of my Monitor?

To start with find your most demanding game, as this will set your minimum for your new graphics card. the higher the resolution and requirements then the bigger and more powerful your Graphics Card needs to be. This would normally mean that the on-board RAM will need to be higher. So, if you’re planning on buying a high-resolution monitor which will handle 4K then you’ll also need to plan on getting a Graphics Card that will provide the monitor with the 4k. what it really comes down to is the number of pixels. The pixels on the screen the more powerful the card needs to be.


Which one, Nvidia or AMD?

gpu for gaming amd vs nvdia


Really it will not make much difference to mid level Gamer. there are some differences but for most of use it is going to come down to which is the best value and has the correct ports. I have used both types of cards over the years and they both do their job great.


How much memory does the Graphics Card have to have?

Well, the minimum for buying a new Graphics Card is now 2GB, but the more the better. If you can get a Graphics Card with more it will be able to handle more but for 1920×1080 gaming 2GB should be fine. If your resolution is higher (2560×1440) think about trying to find a card with 3GB and if you’re thinking about 4K or high resolution SuperWide monitors then 4GB or more will be highly beneficial.


So, how much should I spend?

The simple answer to this is as – much as you can. The more you can spend the better the graphics card, but sometimes you might not have to spend a huge amount of cash to get a good card.

Shop around!

In fact, when you think about the Graphics Card, it does tend to be one of the most important pieces in the computer. You should invest more money on the Graphics Card than say the likes of more expensive motherboards, more RAM and better CPU Coolers as these components won’t help that much when it comes to raw Frames Per Second (FPS). Saying that CPU is also right at the top, so spend a decent size of your budget on the CPU

But obviously there’s more to it than that. In fact, there’s a lot more to it than that, but here we’ll cover some of the fundamentals that you should consider when buying a new Graphics Card for Gaming.


Will it fit in my Motherboard?

For any modern day Graphics Cards you’ll be hard pushed to buy something that will not compatible. But be careful if you have an older motherboard. This is where the problems will start if you buy the wrong type of graphic card. You must make sure that it meets the basic requirements that where set out earlier.

Also bear in mind that Graphics Cards come in all shapes and sizes, some are long some are short, some occupy one slot of your motherboard while others may take up 2. The most important aspect about its physical size to watch out for is its length. Some Graphics Cards are up to 300mm long, so make sure you have enough room in your case to fit it.


Got a slow computer, we may be able to help

graphics card


Do I need a high wattage Power Supply?


Each Graphics Card requires a certain amount of powe, this is normally found on the spec of the graphic card. For example say your graphics card takes 250W and that a your system uses about the same at 250W. So, what size power source do you need at a minimum

250W + 250W = 500W

As you can see you will around 500W as a minimum power source for a modern day Gaming PC . Most Graphics Card manufactures will list the wattage that their card needs. But you have to try not to push the Power Supply to closes to the limit, it a good idea to give your self a 100W buffer gap.


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