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Add Creativity In To Your Website

Lets ‘Add Creativity In To Your Website’, but where do we start? Well, first of all the main, number 1 is Content is the vital element of every web page. A beautifully displayed content, actually catches the attention of the reader and with this increase the popularity of your website. However, if your whole site is filled with text content or pure images, it can look boring or might scare your visitors away. Therefore, it becomes necessary to arrange the content thoughtfully , keeping a good mix of all types of content.

Back ground history of the web page.

A bit of back ground history in to the evolution of website page design. The original web page was designed in the early 1990s, well this would be a page that we today could recognise as a web page. Every page of a website is an HTML page which has its own address. Designers and developers give lots of format and options for the content that goes on a website. Lots of graphic artists use Flash presentation because it gives them exact control over every part of the design, and anything can be animated and generally.

Although this is changing and HTML5 is helping to replace Flash. Some application designers enjoy flash because it lets them create web-based applications that don’t have to be refreshed or go to a new web page every time an action occurs. Flash detractors claim that Flash websites tend to be poorly designed, and often use confusing and non-standard user-interfaces. It is possible to specify alternate content to be displayed for browsers that do not support Flash.


webdesign on paper

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Using alternate content also helps search engines to understand the page and can result in a much better visibility for the page and site. The designers who are used to table-based layouts, can do the same design for their site in CSS replicating what can be done with tables. With advances in CSS website developer and designers are able to create amazing content layout designs. But there are still designers and developers that prefer using table and I can see the benefit of this. They are easy to control and very straight forward in their syntax. For example, it is rather difficult to produce certain design elements, such as vertical positioning, and full-length footers in a design using absolute positions.

For content website should have a balance of Text content (main part of most websites) of about 80%, with 15% of images. You have to remember that the more images you have the heavy the website is to download for your user. With the finial 5% for videos, videos should be used with care as they will have an impact on your site. But they will bring life into any site. Maybe think about find a web design service that will help you plan the layout and content.

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